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SonAmy fic thingy by sonicthehedgehot SonAmy fic thingy by sonicthehedgehot
Amy Rose, 16, walked briskly through the school halls. 

God, so help me if he's still following me I'm going to punch him...

"Amy, wait!" came the cry and the pink hedgehog shook her head, an annoyed sigh escaping her lips. 
She was done. She was tired. She was frustrated beyond belief. Why on Mobius was that stupid blue punk-ass following her? 

She had a crush on him for so long and he was gonna tear her heart out by toying with her. 
Sonic the Hedgehog was her long long time crush. She was sure her crush formed when she was still in elementary school. He was the guy who couldn't give a care about her feelings. Why had she ever hoped he'd reciprocate hers?
He was the vocalist of The Calamity, a band dearly admired and revered in Emerald High. She grimaced when she thought of his more-than-likely current attire. Ugh, a black t-shirt pulled over a green long sleeved shirt. He'd been doing that getup since junior high, when some skater told him it's what cool kids wear. If only she could show him that same "cool kid" was a druggie now...

Why am I even thinking about all that?
Right, he was following her.
She took a sharp turn in the hallway and walked even faster. Up ahead, she saw Sally and Amy knew she'd be reaching a dead end if Acorn didn't miraculously disappear.
"Amy, hey..." the squirrel started, reaching for the hedgehog's shoulder. When Sally saw her flinch, she thought better of it. 
"Please, Sally. I gotta get going," Amy breathlessly said, looking desperately into her eyes. The girl in front of her was someone Amy longed to be. She was pretty, intelligent, funny, flawless in just every way. She was able to pull off the punk look Amy wasn't and was envied for that. She was in The Calamity herself as a bassist because Sonic invited her. Because she's his girlfriend , Amy thought bitterly. 

"Sonic was looking for you, he's actually barreling down the hall as we speak," Sally said with an amused tone but a sad smile stretched across her doll like face. Amy was going to question what was up when the squirrel hugged her briefly and started her way down the hall.

"Talk to him, Rose. I mean it. Call me later!" 

"Sonuvabi-" Amy began but felt the dreaded tap on her shoulder. Without even acknowledging him, she started walking down the hallway again. However, she stopped when she subconsciously felt his arm reach out for her.

"What, Sonic. What is it?" she asked with impatience, using every ounce  of control to not tap her foot rudely. She didn't turn back, however, because she felt tears well up in her eyes. 


Behind her was the guy that completely disregarded her feelings. The guy who went out with a bunch of groupies when Amy had her heart on her sleeve. He went so far as to ask Mina out but was rejected because the mongoose cherished her relationship with Amy over any guy. 

What Amy didn't understand was why he kept dodging her when she finally confessed she loved him. She said she didn't expect to return her feelings anytime soon but at least keep her in mind. She'd given him space instead of suffocate him. They'd been such close friends up until the point she said it was more than crush. That she wasn't just infatuated with him. And that's why it stung when he just avoided her all the time. It was why she wept every night to sleep for a good week after he began dating Sally. Most of all, it was why she decided it'd be best to break off all contact with him and keep up the silent treatment. Admittedly, it worked because he cracked and was chasing after her. Now, here he was in all his glory.

She glared ahead of her, willing herself not to cry. "I'm giving you sixty seconds," she announced before turning to finally look at him.
And when she did, she felt so guilty The usually carefree hedgehog looked like a wreck.
He quietly started, " I get it now... I know what you've felt all those years even if it was way worse with the things I've done."

Amy laughed humorously, " Thirty seconds." 
She watched as he shuffled from foot to foot and cleared his throat. "What I came here to say is that I'm sorry.." With a heavy, loud sigh, Amy turned around again to walk from him. Apology not accepted. 
He grabbed at her arm with both hands to keep her in place while she was midstep. 

"I..I love you," he said so quickly that Amy thought it was a figment of her imagination. 
"What?!" Amy snapped her head back to look at him. Tugging her arm out of his grip, she took two steps back. 
"What did you say?" she whispered incredulously
Sonic slowly looked up from the ground to meet her gaze, a blush tinting his cheeks.
"You heard me, Amy Rose. I meant what I said." 
"Say it again," Amy said, narrowing her eyes.
"Uhm.. will you hurt me if I do?" Sonic asked with a small smile.
" Are you freaking kidding me? What kind of stupid game do you think this is? You win, Sonic. I'm so fed up with your toying around. I'm not a rock, I have feelings,"  she hissed. 

The blue hedgehog grabbed her arm and pulled her into a hug. His embrace was like steel, there was no way she was going to escape it. When she finally softened and gave in, he moved his mouth to her ear. " I love you, Amy. I'm serious. This is as serious as you'll ever get me to be," he murmured.
Amy stiffened again, not believing his words. Was this some sick joke to him? 
She pushed from him and finally managed to get out of his grip. 

"Sally?" she asked, accusation her tone. No way was she going to backstab her own friend. 
"Broke up," he said simply with a shrug of his shoulders.
"What? Why??" The two of them had been inseparable since they began dating.
" Because we both came to the mutual understanding that we don't want the same things."
"And what did you want? Sally wasn't putting out? Is that why? Frankly, Mr.Hedgehog, if that is so, I really don't want anything to do with you either."

Sonic widened his eyes and shook his head, " No, no, no. That's not it. God, no. I was in a relationship with her to get over you. When she realized that was all it was, she got pretty pissed. It wasn't because she liked me, which she did, it was because she felt she was betraying you. You, yourself, told her it'd be alright if we dated. But given how terrible she already felt, she wanted to literally kill me when she told me that I was in love with you. I didn't believe her at first and kept denying her, that I only had a crush on you and she kept yelling at me, telling me to stop hurting you just because I'm scared. I'm terrified of falling in love but here I am saying "I love you" to the girl I truly don't deserve. God, I'm so sorry. So so so sorry, Amy. One day of you ignoring me, and I thought I was gonna die. I finally believed Sally at that point. And all I'm asking, even if it'll kill me, is to be friends becau-" 
He stopped mid-ramble because he heard quiet weeping. 

"Amy," he breathed as he stepped forward to sweep her into his arms. "Don't cry, please.I'm sorry..."
He nuzzled into her neck and murmured I'm sorry until she spoke.
"Friends? Sonic, why are you asking for something you don't want? Hell, I don't want that.." she said quietly, sniffling. 
Sonic perked up and brightened, "Really?"
Amy rolled her eyes with a smirk and looked up to him, " No, I've been joking all this time. I secretly loathed you and was planning your demise all along."
"Ha ha," Sonic laughed dryly. He couldn't help the wide grin that stretched across his face. 
"In all seriousness, I want you to tell me again what you've wanted to tell me," Amy said as she pulled slightly away from him.
"I, Sonic the Hedgehog, love you, Amy Rose," he declared genuinely. 
"Prove it," the pink hedgehog challenged.
And so he did when he dipped her and proceeded to give her a kiss without any hesitation.

"I think... I love you too, Sonic."
"You adore me."
" Haha, yeah, maybe I do."



haaaaa I haven't drawn or written SonAmy in literally the longest time. I kinda feel accomplished right now. yis.
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